8 December 2020

Christmas Mini Sessions – Northern Beaches

The Rooney (Peanut) Family

If you follow me on Instagram, you’d probably know that I owe a lot of my photography basics knowledge to the one and only, Gemma Peanut (@gemma_peanut). What you may not know is that Gem has become a dear friend of mine since completing the course, and has continued to be a huge inspiration for me both professionally and personally. So it’s always an honour when she asks me to capture her and her little family, and I absolutely love to do it. She’s beautiful inside and out, her little ones, Raffa and Iggy, are two ADORABLE kids – and husband Matthew is equally as fun (and always has epic surfing-related cuts on his leg that I can never decide whether to edit out or not!)

Bianca, Raoul + Fin

Bianca and Raoul welcomed their little boy Fin into the world amidst the craziest year – they had different plans for 2020, and during the time of this shoot they would have been in Greece if it hadn’t been for… well, you know what happened. Instead, they welcomed a beautiful little boy into the world, and have been navigating through the first few weeks of parenthood. Trust me – they made it look good!

The Lau Family

The beautiful Amanda booked her session in with me within minutes of me releasing these sessions. She’s a talented photographer herself (check out her work here), but like many of us, finds herself always behind the camera rather than in front of it. I was honoured to be able to take these for her, and so grateful she travelled over an hour just for this session!

Tasha, Max + Finn

Another lovely photographer and mother, Tasha, reached out to book a shoot with husband Max and son Finn during these mini sessions. Not only is she an incredible photographer, she also designs the most beautiful jewellery. We took a walk to help Finn burn some energy – and it made for some great photos!

Tess + her girls

I first met Tess when she and I shared a common struggle with juggling teaching and photography with motherhood. She also knows what it’s like (as all of the other mums in these sessions!) to be the one behind the lens rather than in the photos with their kids. Something particularly special about Tess and her request – this session was just for the girls. Her husband and son found other things to do whilst the girls had a lovely little photoshoot together at sunset. They got the most beautiful lighting to compliment their natural glow, and we had fun dancing on the rockpools and exploring the platform around Freshwater beach.

See Tess’s beautiful photography here.