17 April 2020

Driveways + Distancing, Part One

Photography has a way of capturing moments in time, with those who were there, and the feelings attached. Since starting my ‘Driveways + Distancing’ project a few weeks ago, I’ve noticed something special that I truly wasn’t expecting… gratitude. I completely underestimated how much this would mean to the families I’ve photographed – for some, it’s the first photo together they’ve had in years. For others, it’s about capturing the uniqueness of this current climate – parents at home on a weekday when they usually wouldn’t be. Everyone is relaxed, comfortable and happy, because time spent with loved ones is time well spent.

I’ve photographed families, empty-nesters, neighbours, couples, multi-generational homes, people renovating, gardening, riding bikes, and some kids just about to hop into the bath. “As you were” is the look I’ve been going for!

People are asking me why I’m doing this, and the answer is simple. This was something little I could do for others – to spread joy and positivity in a time when we need it the most. That’s the greatest gift for me.