25 April 2020

Driveways + Distancing, Part Two

Wow, what a week! It has been a crazy, fun-filled whirlwind getting to know so many new faces through this project, I am so, so grateful to everyone who has shared. This whole concept started to spread some joy and kindness around the region, and my goodness you guys have done that!

I’ve had a huge variety of families and shared stories, from couples and their dog baby, to grandparents desperately missing seeing their grandchildren, to families camping out in their front yard for two weeks because they were supposed to be camping with friends down the coast these holidays. I’ve had families tell me this is their first family photo as a family of four (and their youngest is a year old!), and some families already printing and framing their portraits for Mothers Day gifts. Honestly, this has been such a rewarding journey!

So here is a few from this week’s shoots…